This is what I do: Virtual Production Director Unreal Engine Virtual Art Department ICVFX Realtime Environments Creative Direction Storytelling through technology Motion Capture Help people!

This is what i do:

Virtual Production Director
Unreal Engine
Virtual Art Department
Realtime Environments
Creative Direction
Storytelling through technology
Motion Capture
Help people!


Website of Mikael Jaeger Jensen. Mikael is a Creative Director who specializes in Virtual Production, Motion Capture & Virtual Art Department for Film, Tv & commercials.



Mikael is self-taught, and has been an active professional within the VFX and Post Production industry for over 15 years. Initially started in Jim Henson’s Creature shop as a render wrangler, moved to Framestore where he worked in various roles as Data Ops, VFX Coordinator on Avatar, Clash of the Titans and more. 

Mikael created Framestore´s first data rather and digital acquisition team for on-set reference, photogrammetry and scanning for Gravity, 47 Ronin, Tinker Tailor Soldier spy and many more. 

Mikael worked as Art Director on the worlds first fully holographic projection project with a cast of 250, Purpose build green screen studio and a team of 5 compositors and 3D artists. 

He is working as the Creative director for Virsabi a VR/AR/MR company where he created Copehagen´s first small scale Virtual Production & ICVFX studio.


Services & Skills

– Virtual Production & ICVFX Director.

– Creative Director

– Real Time environments in Unreal engine.

– Creative Direction. 

– Virtual Production workflows including Virtual camera, Virtual scouting, ICVFX. 

– Realtime greenscreen compositing using Unreal Engine.

– Previz/Post Viz using Unreal Engine.

– Story Direction.

– Storyboarding.

– VFX & Post production problem solving and advice.

The future is realtime