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Website of Mikael Jaeger Jensen. Mikael is a Creative Director & Virtual Production Supervisor who specializes in Realtime Virtual Production, Motion Capture & Performance Capture, Previz within Film, Animation, games, Tv & commercials



Mikael is self-taught, and has been an active professional within the VFX and Post Production industry for over 15 years. Initially started in Jim Henson’s Creature shop as a render wrangler, moved to Framestore where he worked in various roles amongst them Data Ops, VFX Coordinator on Avatar, Clash of the Titans and more & Digital Acquisitions.

Mikael created and ran Framestore´s first data rather and digital acquisition team for on-set  vfx reference, photogrammetry and set-scanning for Gravity, 47 Ronin, Tinker Tailor Soldier spy, Clash of the Titans, Sherlock Holmes and many more.

Mikael worked as Art Director creating the worlds first fully holographic theatrical projection project working with and leading a cast of 250 extras, building a purpose-built large green screen studio and leading a team of 5 compositors and 3D artists.

He is working as the Creative director for Virsabi a VR/AR/MR company where he created and is running Denmark’s first small scale Virtual Production & ICVFX studio.

Services & Skills

Virtual Production Supervisor.

Motion Capture supervisor using full body Rokoko, Vicon, Optitrack and Faceware facial capture.

Creating and optimizing real time environments in Unreal Engine. 

Virtual Production workflows for Virtual camera, Virtual scouting, ICVFX in Unreal Engine 

Previz, Storyviz, & Postviz in Unreal Engine.

Creative direction & Story Direction.

VFX & Post production problem solving and advice.

the future is realtime

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