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HUMANITY explores the depths, complexities and vicissitudes of human emotions through a series of short films and artist cross collaborations within film, dance, fashion and music. It seeks to use the full range of human knowledge – scientific, artistic and technical – to explore that which we experience every day as our truest reality: our feelings.

The films will explore 6 emotions. Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise.  (WIP)

Each emotion will be explored through a dramatic / musical / dance / artistic piece, which I will be filming using: choreographers, dancers, fashion designers and composers will be encouraged to interpret the emotion in their own language. Thereafter, each film will also contain interviews, debate and discussion with scientific practitioners, who will use their own fields to explain the feeling in question.

I want to challenge our view of staged artistic performances – theatre, dance and so on – and take them out of their normal environment, presenting them in a digital form. The series will attempt, through the work it creates to prove  that a one-on-one experience through a television, computer or handheld device can be an equally, if not more emotionally powerful than attending a performance / discussion in person.

The visual style of the film will be in line with what has inspired me as a filmmaker such as David Lynch’s Lost Highway, Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia and Wim Wender’s documentary about Pina Bausch but also from theatres such as Robert Wilson & Tom Waits, The Black Rider and the Shakespeare Sonnets by Rufus Wainwright and the Berliner Ensemble. Even Terry Gilliam’s The damnation of Faust. The style of choreography and dance would be drawing parallels to Wayne Mcgregor (Infra, Chroma) and Pina Bausch (Cafe Muller & Vollmond)

Please contact me on Mikael@jaegerjensen.com if you want to contribute to the project.

Thank you for your support and interest in the project.

Mikael Jaeger Jensen
Producer and Director



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1. What I am looking for at this stage?
– A Producer. A person who can help me produce the whole film and the documentary. A creative person who has a passion for the contemporary dance scene but also for film and new and exciting ideas. Someone to work closely with me from start to finish. Someone with the will to succeed and a head full of good ideas.

2. Schedule.
– I am filming the first emotion – Anger in august 2013 to use as a showcase for the project and to generate interest around the project. This will also be used to secure funding either via film and art funds and via crowd funding. The entire film will be filmed throughout  2014 in and around Greater London.

3. Will this role be a paid role?
– At first no. Travel expenses, Yes. If we are successful in securing funding then this will be a paid position.

4. What would be required of me?
– I would love to work with and develop my idea with someone who is passionate about dance, film and music. You live in the London, UK area and have your own computer and hopefully a bag of great ideas, industry contacts and a positive personality. I would prefer to work with someone who has worked as a Producer before in one of the mentioned fields.

5. End product.
– The idea is to produce an approx 40 min film using all the modern film equipment and techniques that can be shown in film festivals around the world and  through online digital distribution. My hope is also to do a – one time – live performance in London of all the dance pieces with live music in a high profile LOndon venuevenue.

You will be credited as Producer (or Executive Producer) and receive full credits, DVD/Blue-Ray and a digital copy of everything produced connected to the project.

6. Location
– The films will be filmed in about round Greater London. It is my hope to identify both interior and exterior urban areas that lends itself to the emotion in question. I would like to use locations that has a strong architectural visual feel and could be both a concrete building, derelict building site or a highway crossing.

If you want to know more or have questions about the project please contact me on Mikael@jaegerjensen.com[/tab][/tabs][/colswrapper]