A quick through on VR


I believe that VR is more than roller coasters and triple A studios turning their attention to producing highly polished experiences.

Albeit their place in driving VR into the consumer marked is important and cannot be disputed, I wholehearted believe that the smaller art makers and innovative studios are a integral part of the future of VR. The contemporary VR art or VaRt sphere is where most of the emotional and felt experiences will come from. The strange and the fantastic, the merge of game and social experience experiments, the weird and the wonderful. The fall of the 4th wall and the unlimited freedom of virtual movement. All of these and more is where #VaRt will find its place.

A place where dance, storytelling, animation, painting, sculpting becomes more accessible as technology evolves to be affordable and available to all.

A playground of technology problem solving and creative innovation.


Mikael Jaeger Jensen