Mikael Jæger Jensen

Freelance Virtual Production Supervisor / Performance Capture Supervisor & Unreal Engine Creative

Currently living and working out of  Copenhagen, Denmark


Performance Capture / Unreal Engine
Face capture / Control rig / Virtual camera
Virtual Scouting / ICVFX / Meta Human
Real time / Animation / Previs /

Unreal engine 5
creative lead

Creating real-time environments for use within LED & ICVFX volumes and within film, animation, theatre, previz and virtual reality and more. 

Creating cinematic content for use with previz, postviz, pitchviz and cinematic content including Vcam, Simul Cam & real-time in-engine greenscreen compositing.

ICVFX & Virtual production supervisor

Unreal Engine 5 based ICVFX setup and configuration within a stage environment including the full technology pipeline setup. Workstations, camera tracking setup (Vicon, Optitrack) gen-lock & timecode, unreal multi-user setup and Switchboard configuration.

Motion & performance capture supervisor

Specialising in all types of capture from Rokoko & Xsense inertial to full body Vicon and Optitrack motion & performance capture including full facial and finger capture

Full project support including project breakdown and initial planning & budgeting.

Planning and scheduling of motion capture & performance capture recordings, In-volume technical motion & performance capture supervisor, Virtual production & Vcam technical supervisor.

CVR-nummer: 19621391

C/O Inge Lund-Nielsen
Olfert Fischers Gade 20
1311 København K

T: +45 21 97 96 13
M: mikael@jaegerjensen.com

the future is real time

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