Mikael Jaeger Jensen

Freelance Unreal Engine 5 creative - ICVFX & Virtual Production Supervisor

Based in
Copenhagen, Denmark


"I want to bridge the gap between the creative forces and the tools, to further the understanding of what is possible and what can be done in this new era of virtual tools and evolving technology. To tell stories through technology"

Unreal engine 5
creative lead

Creating real-time environments for use within LED & ICVFX volumes and within film, animation, theatre, previz and virtual reality and more. 

Creating cinematic content for use with previz, postviz, pitchviz and cinematic content including Vcam, Simul Cam & real-time in-engine greenscreen compositing.

ICVFX & Virtual production supervisor

Unreal Engine 5 based ICVFX setup and configuration within a stage environment including the full technology pipeline setup. Workstations, camera tracking setup (Vicon, Optitrack) gen-lock & timecode, unreal multi-user setup and Switchboard configuration.

Motion & performance capture supervisor

Co-founder & Performance capture supervisor of Fabulatorium – a motion & performance capture stage in Copehagen, Denmark

Specialising in all types of capture from Rokoko & Xsense inertial to full body Vicon and Optitrack motion & performance capture including full facial capture.

Full project support including project breakdown and initial planning & budgeting.

Planning and scheduling of motion capture & performance capture recordings, In-volume technical motion & performance capture supervisor, Virtual production & Vcam technical supervisor.

CVR-nummer: 19621391

C/O Inge Lund-Nielsen
Olfert Fischers Gade 20
1311 København K

T: +45 21 97 96 13
M: mikael@jaegerjensen.com

the future is real time

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