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Hello. I’m Mikael Jaeger Jensen.
Freelance Virtual production supervisor, based in Copenhagen, Denmark


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LEGO Friends Trivia Series

Client: Cphrig & Lego Agency 

Creating a series of 8 short format video content for the re-launch of Lego Friends on Youtube. Worked as Virtual production & Performance capture supervisor. Creating the pipeline for a near-live Unreal Engine animation workflow to support end to end pipeline including  render final content directley out of Unreal Engine.

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Client: Cphrig, Bacon X + Magnum

Magnum #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse Film created by Bacon X. Worked as Performance capture supervisor for CPHRIG delivering the performance capture service using a Qualisys Optical camera based capture motion capture volume.

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Client: Lego Agency.

Freelance VP Supervisor & Unreal Engine Lead part of the team creating a series of short format video content for Youtube to teach how to draw Ninjago content.
Created with the use of Unreal Engine ICVFX and LED Screen for the reall time Dojo background.

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Client: Virtual Production Showcase

Showcase project for Virtual production and how to create a full previz using only Unreal engine with the use of Metahuman, Performance capture using Optitrack camera based capture, Live facial capture, Unreal Engine live editing, virtual camera recording & final render out. Keeping it all in engine.

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CVR-nummer: 19621391

C/O Inge Lund-Nielsen
Olfert Fischers Gade 20
1311 København K

T: +45 21 97 96 13